Ballistic Offices, Buildings, and Vestibules

vestibule-720x480Increased Entrance Safety

Prefabricated entry vestibules and mantraps add an additional layer of security to your building’s entrances:

  • Fully glazed walls allow in plenty of natural light while providing high visibility inside and out for increased safety. Standard glazing is clear tempered safety glass, but other options are available.
  • Interior lighting options include motion sensor activated, dusk-to-dawn lighting, and more for increased visibility at night.
  • Exterior lighting can also be included to light the surrounding area at night.
  • Optional high security locks can be installed for additional security or prepped to receive on-site installation of key pads or card readers for controlled access.

prefab_Shelters_Vestibules-720x480Fast, Budget-Friendly Installation

To keep your business running efficiently and traffic unimpeded, prefabricated vestibules can be installed in a single afternoon. The vestibule is built off site, so there’s no construction dust or days of an out-of-order entrance to deal with. Office Armor’s prefabricated entry vestibules are designed to meet your needs and the aesthetics of your building. The framework is welded steel tubing painted with a rust-inhibitive primer prior to the application of a finish coat. This lengthens the life of your vestibule and ensures that it not only stays beautiful, but also maintenance-free. Vestibules can be painted in any single color at no extra charge. Two-tone or custom finishes are also available upon request.entry_vestibule_2-720x480Entry Vestibules & Mantraps Create Buffer Zones To Reduce Energy Loss

If your commercial building has a primary entry space of 3,000 square feet or larger, you are often required to install a prefabricated vestibule or mantrap at those doors. Why? According to the U.S. Department of Energy, “Vestibules reduce the infiltration losses (or gains) from wind and stack effect by creating an air lock entry.” This buffer zone isolates your conditioned areas from outdoor temperatures so when visitors enter your building, conditioned air isn’t lost and your HVAC doesn’t have to work as hard to compensate for that loss.entry_vestibule-720Prefabricated Vestibules & Mantraps Are An Affordable Option

Prefabricated vestibules and mantraps are an excellent choice to add security and help your building save on energy and building costs. They are built off-site and brought to your building ready to install in less than a day. That means you can get back to work sooner and your entrance won’t be out of commission for weeks. In addition, there is no annoying construction debris and dust to clean away. You can also customize the vestibule depending on your needs with features such as high-security locks, interior lighting and lighting, custom paint jobs and more.  Our experienced team of engineers and designers are also available to help you find the prefabricated vestibule option that works best for you.

If your facility has any threat level, we recommend not hesitating to invest in a ballistic structure to protect your facility and above all else, your employees.  Ballistic Rated Guard Houses are prefabricated and made from Carbon steel or stainless steel construction. These guard houses can be constructed to meet NIJ and/or UL bulletproof levels.

Office Armor uses all welded steel construction and use of durable, low maintenance materials ensure the guard booth’s greatest longevity. Panel Built Booths are tough, durable and can be built to comply with all ADA requirements. Special security features are offered to customize the security guard booth to your location requirements and to keep your security officers comfortable as well as secure. Our enhanced ballistic construction options for high risk environments.


  • All levels of UL and NIJ ballistic protection
  • Fork/Crane Liftable Steel Base
  • Lightening Protection, PA, and Security Systems
  • Offered in a Variety of Sizes and can be Painted Your Custom Color
  • Insulated and Weather Proof with HVAC Systems
  • Available in Shed, Gable, or Hip Roof
  • Trailer Mounted Options


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