Steel Towers & Ladder Systems


Keeping Occupants Safe at Heights

When videographers and other personnel are in a tower, they need to focus on the task at hand without having to worry about safety. All prefabricated steel observation towers come with safety features that ensure a comfortable working environment:

  • Internal galley stairs with integral hand and guard rail increase safety for those ascending or descending to help prevent trips and other accidental falls.
  • Full perimeter guard rails on all balconies for added safety.
  • Rigid framework, along with a concrete foundation, ensures the observation tower will withstand applicable wind loads and seismic conditions.

Quick Construction Minimizes Disruption

Sports video and viewing towers can be built in less time than traditionally constructed towers, minimizing disruption to the surrounding area and playing field. They are quickly and safely constructed with pre-engineered components like galvanized steel to protect the tower from the effects of weather exposure. With such durability, your tower is guaranteed years of reliable service.



  • Powder Coating Finish
  • Custom Stair Systems
  • Meet Any Space Requirement
  • Heavy Duty and Long Lasting
  • Can Meet Military Specifications
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